(L) Pet Seat Safety Belt, Heavy Duty Hardware including Tangle-Free Swivel Attachment, Carabiner, and Latch Bar Attachment


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SIZE AVAILABLE : (M) 20mmx30-50cm
Car safety belt used to attach to pet collar or harness to restrain dog or cat whilst travelling in vehicle
•       CONVENIENCE: The Safety Belt can be easily removed OR stay attached to your vehicle’s latch bar at all times. No more time and energy spent hooking and unhooking your pets seat belt. It is convenient and ready to use when your four-legged friend is a passenger.
•       SAFETY: Designed for optimal pet safety and security. The Safety Belt attaches directly to the vehicle frame using the latch bars located in the crease of every vehicle’s backseat. It also attached to the Pet Harness for extra safety. We believe if there is a safer option for our children, then our pets deserve it too!
•       BUILT FOR THE YEARS: The Safety Belt is made with high quality weather-proof nylon and ALL-METAL (not plastic!) hardware for optimal toughness and durability that will ensure its use for years to come.
•       AVAILABLE SIZE: M: 20mm x 30-50cm – L: 25mm x 40-60cm
•       COLOUR: Red / Black
•       MATERIAL: Nylon Webbing