Hot Towel Machine


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Intelligent Technology 
Apply full set of micro – computer control system, free to choose the length, temperature and humidity of soft towel output rate can be set up quick and convenient use,
Environment – Friendly design Soft towel made from 100% nature plant fibre Clean soft comfortable and good and absorb ability, the towel can be disintegrated naturally Effectively Avoid Environment pollution thus becomes globally popular green products. 
Sterilisation Function 
Inner Setup UV Automated sterilisation System, equiped with anti- bacteria water tank and pipes, The Towel made out is free from bacteria or stimulation but with light natural Aroma Wide Range.
Voltage 110V/120V or 220V/24V, 50/60HZ 
Towel size adjustable 
Hot/Normat Temperature towel supply 
with UV sterilising System